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Law Enforcement Records Management Software, Inc.

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Law Enforcement Records Management Software, Inc. (LERMS) is a law enforcement software technology and software related services company. LERMS provides an affordable records management solution and records management system (RMS) administration services of our hosted solution.
Designed, built, operated and administered by current and former law enforcement personnel with specific skills, knowledge and backgrounds to address the software issues that commonly plague law enforcement agencies, LERMS understands the needs of law enforcement agencies.
"Law enforcement agencies' software needs are unique to the law enforcement profession. At LERMS, we feel the solutions to those needs must come from persons with law enforcement experience and with the necessary expertise to design and administer a simple, flexible, cost effective records management system."
William Shelley Parker, Jr., President of LERMS.
The LERMS RMS system is designed for police work - not just state reporting and not just for case management but for administrative management as well.